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Our Retail Partners

Throwing away a repairable product creates waste, Waste hurts the economy, damages our environment, weakens our sense of self-reliance, and shrinks our pocketbooks.
The solution? Do-it-yourself repair. For more information on, including placing an order, visit our page here.
1000Bulbs is the largest collection of lighting bulbs and accessories. They specialize in bulk orders, but accept orders of any size. Whether its bulbs for the office, or holiday lights for your home, 1000Bulbs has it. For more information,
including placing an order, visit our page here.
The KnifeCenter was created in 1995, at the beginning of the web's popularity, to utilize the tremendous resources of the internet to bring to the public the most information about, and access to, the largest selection of cutlery related products anywhere. Visit their site here.
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