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  • Why does my credit card statement say iGlobal?
    We are an international shipping and payment processing company. Since we are initially capturing the payment of your order, our company name may be on your bank statement. We process the international payments for our merchants, just as PayPal would an online purchase.
  • Why does the conversion into my currency not reflect the rate on my search engine?
    The conversion rate you are referring to is not a consumer rate, this is a "benchmark" rate at which large international banks exchange hundreds of millions of dollars, however no one can buy at this rate. A consumer will see this benchmark rate plus fees charged by the fx company. These additional fees are used to account for the constantly fluctuating exchange market, and allow companies to offer their consumers a “guaranteed” exchange rate.
  • What currency will my order be placed in?
    The majority of our customers pay with international credit cards. So that is what our software is designed to do (process in non-USD currencies). Whatever country is listed in the "Bill To" section is the currency that the order will be collected in.
  • Why are the domestic shipping rates higher than the merchant’s site?
    We are primarily an international shipping and payment processing company, therefore our domestic rates do not reflect that of a domestic company. Our merchants typically aren't able to process international credit cards. In addition, the cost to cover the risk of accepting international payments and merchant fees are factored into our shipping costs.

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