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Frequently asked questions

Is your work high quality?

Yes! We provide high quality workmanship which we guarantee. We use a range of materials as required by our clients, and source our products from our network of suppliers.

Do you provide a guarantee?

Yes! We provide 3 years installation workmanship guarantee. In addition, every product includes a standard guarantee provided by the manufacturer, which ranges between 3 to 10 years, depending on the materials.

Are your prices affordable?

Yes! We price ourselves very competitively, providing great value for money. Our clients tell us our prices are cheaper than their other quotes and our work of very high-caliber. Our clients have the choice of local (Melbourne, VIC) or imported products (China). Prices of the materials differ depending on the manufacturer, and the degree of customisation required by our clients.

Do you deliver on time?

Yes! We are highly commited to delivering on time and within budget. We agree with the client the delivery date up-front and thus far have always delivered on time. We work tirelessly to deliver the work as agreed and without delays.

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